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Stronger fruit and higher income go hand in hand

In the Ivory Coast fruit flies are a big problem for mango growers. Fruit fly attacks the fruit, causing a large part of the harvest to be lost. Since last year, we and our grower, Ivoire Agreage, have been working together on a sustainable control of fruit fly and better soil conditions.

The flies are driven away with a biological spray from Koppert. At the same time the rejected or rotting mangos are now used also as compost which enrichens the soil. Before farmers used to leave these mangos under the tree, which attracted fruit flies. The project hits two birds with one stone: the fruit flies are driven away and a healthy soil contributes to better fruit quality, which leads to a higher income for farmers and employees of Ivoire Agreage.

Our sustainable business team visited the Ivory Coast at the beginning of May. Soil samples were taken and discussions were held with farmers, Ivoire Agreage, and technical partners to continue the project.

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