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3, 2, 1 avocado moment – good kind of fat!

We are bringing the health of avocados to The Netherlands. Throughout July we will set a complete campaign focused on non-avocado consumers to persuade to consumers to try out avocados because of their healthy nutrional values.

"Avocados are rich in healthy unsaturated fats, replacing saturated with unsaturated fats is good for cholesterol levels."

This gives a good reason to introduce avocado moment. Next to a good reason, there is also always a good moment to eat avocados. They give you power in the morning, are tasty during lunch and perfect to enjoy with a snack.

To complete the campaign after creating awareness for the nutrional values of avocados and bringing delicious content, the consumer will be triggered with the chance to win an avocado e-bike to stay in the healthy vibes!

The campaign will be in line with the intrinsic interest of consumers during COVID-19 times to stay healthy and look deeper into the nutrional values and their effect on the health. This campaign will be set up with several Dutch retailers during July.

Nutritional values avocado

*per 100g

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