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  • Exercising on our own boot camp sports field

Exercising on our own boot camp sports field

In the interest of improving the health and vitality of its employees, Nature's Pride has constructed a boot camp sports field. Employees get the opportunity to participate in various boot camp classes during the working week.
Effectively working on fitness
The boot camp sports field is right next to our building, where a professional boot camp instructor provides a boot camp class twice a day. Nature's Pride employees can participate in the classes for free to effectively work on their fitness level. Boot camp is an outdoor workout that improves fitness, decreases body fat, increases physical strength and improves posture.

Part of the 'Vitality'' project.
The construction of the boot camp sports field fits perfectly into the 'Vitality' project that started earlier this year. This project offers employees the opportunity to work on their health and vitality. They are advised by a nutrition coach, there is a suitable range of healthy meals available in the company restaurant, they can take yoga classes and an awareness campaign has been organised. The boot camp classes on the sports field have been added as an additional means of improving the health and vitality in an effective and fun way.


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