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  • nominated for Website of the Year nominated for Website of the Year has been nominated for Website of the Year 2016! EAT ME is a quality exotic fruit and vegetables label and wants to inform and inspire visitors with its website. EAT ME is competing with brands like Heineken, Calvé, Mentos and Red Bull, to conquer this prestigious title in the category of consumer goods from the 26th of September to the 4th of November.

The thinking behind
It is the ambition of Nature's Pride - the company behind EAT ME, based in Westland - to let everyone in Europe enjoy exotic fruits and vegetables, grown with dedication by our partners in more than 70 countries around the world. When we developed the website, the customer journey was the basis of the concept. Consumers can find products that they have bought in the store and see how to prepare and combine them. They will also find numerous exciting recipes. When visiting the website, they can also find the origin of their products and the nearest shop selling exotic produce.

Proud of the nomination
Nature's Pride is very proud and honored to receive this nomination. It is seen as a conformation and acknowledgement that the EAT ME brand has become a recognized quality label in the exotic fruit and vegetable industry. Michelle Tanis, Digital marketing specialist at Nature's Pride: "We are very dedicated to our work and strive for the highest possible goal. This way we also hope to be online leaders in our industry. In HVMP we have found the right partner to construct this project properly. Thanks to intensive cooperation with HVMP and the support and commitment of the entire Nature's Pride organization, we have developed the website. The nomination gives us an extra boost to develop and improve the website further, because a website is never finished! "

The Website of the Year is the largest online public award, awarded annually to the best and most popular websites in the Netherlands in various categories.
The ballot boxes are open from the 6th of September. The websites with the most votes will be declared the winner. To vote and to find more information about the contest, visit (it's a Dutch competition).

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