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  • Avocado: from cultivation to shop!

Avocado: from cultivation to shop!

Our avocados are full of flavour because they are left on the tree about 2 weeks longer than other avocados on the market. The later harvest ensures that the oil content of the fruit is perfect. Would you like to know more about our avocados in the shop? Check it out here!

Growth & Harvest
Depending on the climate in a country and a few other factors, a particular rootstock is chosen to be planted. The rootstock is grafted with the Hass variety after several months. Eventually it takes an average of a year and a half to two years before the trees are planted in a permanent place. After this it takes two to three years before the first avocados grow on the trees. Our avocado growers wait to pick the fruit until the oil content is perfect. The delicious creamy and nutty flavour is obtained by the oil in the avocado. All kinds of factors influence the development of the avocado. Samples are taken to see if the avocado is mature enough to harvest. They check the oil and the dry matter content. After a positive test the fruit is harvested by hand. After harvesting, the avocados are taken to the pack house. In the pack house, the fruits are weighted, washed, cooled back to 5 °C and shipped to the Netherlands in special containers with controlled temperature and air values.

The ripening of avocados
When the fruit arrives at Nature's Pride they get a quality check. Then the ripening supervisors determine the ripening process for every pallet and adjust the humidity and the temperature accordingly. This way the climate of the country of origin is reproduced. All the avocados go through a specific selection process so only the best products receive an EAT ME sticker. You can find more information about the ripening process here.

Packaging options
Avocados are packed according to the clients wishes. The most frequently used packaging of the Hass avocado is 16 or 18 in a box (with an EAT ME sticker). Did you know that we packed 9,3 million boxes of avocados in 2016?
Ready to eat avocado on the shop's shelf
Finally, your customers can find a perfectly ripe avocado in your shop. Ready to enjoy straight away! Inspire your customers with our surprising avocado recipes. 

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