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  • The first Wonderful pomegranates from Peru

The first Wonderful pomegranates from Peru

The first container with pomegranates from Peru has arrived. These are the first pomegranates of the 'Wonderful' variety from Peru. The 'Wonderful' pomegranate is the best-known variety and is famous for its delicious sweet taste and attractive red colour. The first 'Wonderful' varieties from South Africa are also available from week 16.
Besides 'Wonderful' we have several other tasty pomegranate varieties until week 17. The varieties Aco and Herschkovic are also available from South Africa. These have a fresh sweet flavour and have a beautiful deep pink colour.

The pomegranate is a versatile fruit. The pomegranate seeds are a tasty and healthy addition to breakfast or a sweet temptation in a salad. The flesh of the pomegranate is very moist and can be processed into a compote or juice.

Storage: Pomegranates are best kept between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius. To prevent dehydration, they are packed in a special plastic cover. This way, the freshness and quality are even better guaranteed.

Packaging options: Loose or 2-pack.

Ask your contact person at our sales team for the possibilities.


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