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Avocados have a round or pear-like shape and have a dark green to a purple brown colour. The soft creamy flesh is dark yellow to light green in colour. Nature's Pride follows all the seasons in different countries all year round so we can supply the most tasteful avocados. Our dedicated growers share information so they are able to supply a consistent quality year round and they are able to develop even further.

The ideal teperature of Avocado

Storage advice

The avocado is preferably kept at 6°C. The avocados in shops are best kept out of the cooling units preferably at 16°C to 20°C. At home the avocado is best kept in the fridge.
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Hass avocado

Hass avocado

This avocado variety has a soft texture and a surprisingly creamy, slightly nutty flavour. Hass avocados are recognised by their dark and bumpy skin. This variety is very suitable for ripening. All of Nature's Pride ready to eat avocados are the Hass variety.


The Fuerte avocado is recognised by its smooth green skin. This medium to large sized avocado is pear shaped. The light green, creamy flesh has a mild flavour.


The Pinkerton avocado has a dark green and a slightly bumpy skin. This avocado has a long pear shape. The light green, creamy flesh has a rich flavour.

Origin Nature's Pride Avocado

Avocado - BrazilBrazil Avocado - ChileChile Avocado - IsraelIsrael Avocado - MexicoMexico Avocado - MoroccoMorocco Avocado - PeruPeru Avocado - South AfricaSouth Africa Avocado - SpainSpain Avocado - United States of AmericaUnited States of America

Growing and harvesting

Over the years an avocado tree can grow to a height of 20 metres.
However, our growers prune the trees, to keep them at a height
of only 2.5 to 5 metres, to make it easier to harvest the fruits.
Avocado trees start producing fruits in their third year.
As already mentioned, our growers postpone harvesting the
avocados until the fruits have a perfect oil content. In practice,
our avocados are picked on average two weeks later than other
avocados you'll find on the market. The fruits' shape and colour are
also considered during their harvest. The fruits don not all ripen
at the same time, so the trees are inspected and harvested several
times. The harvested avocados are rinsed and cooled to 12 °C in the
packing station, after which they are sorted according to their quality
and size and packed.
The journey of the Avocado
After harvesting, the avocados are taken to a pack house. In the pack house they are weighted and well cleaned. Then they are put on pallets to be transported. The fruit is cooled back again to 5°C. They are shipped to the Netherlands within 7 days, in special containers with controlled temperatures and air values. During transport the avocados do not ripen any further.
The journey of the Avocado
The ripening of Avocados
When the fruit arrives at Nature´s Pride 'they get a quality check. Then the ripening supervisors determine the ripening process for every pallet and adjust the humidity and the temperature accordingly. This way the climate of the country of origin is reproduced. All the avocados go through a specific selection process so only the best products receive an EAT ME sticker. You can find more information about the ripening process here.
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The ripening of  Avocados

Packaging options

  • Avocados are packed according to the clients wishes. The most frequently used packing possibility of the Hass avocado are 16 or 18 in a box (with an EAT ME sticker).
  • Nature's Pride also sells a specially packed guacamole mix. This contains 2 EAT ME avocados, 1 onion, 1 tomato, 1 clove of garlic, a cayenne chilli and 1 EAT ME lime.
  • Nature's Pride expand her avocado-range with a new product: Ready-To-Eat avocados in convenient single sized servings.
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Packaging options 2
Packaging options 3
Packaging options 4

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