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Bimi is a cross between broccoli and kailan. The stems and the flowers of the bimi are firm and juicy. Bimi can be eaten whole. The vegetable has a mild broccoli and asparagus flavour.
The ideal teperature of Bimi

Storage advice

Bimi is kept refrigerated during transport and storage. The ideal temperature during transport is 2 ℃. At home the bimi is best kept in the fridge.
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Origin Nature's Pride Bimi

Bimi - KenyaKenya Bimi - SpainSpain Bimi - United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Growing & Harvesting

It takes 3 months for seeds to mature into bimi plants, ready for planting in the fields. The bimi plants are then harvested each year.

Packaging options

The standard consumer packaging contains 200 grams of bimi.
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Preparation tips & recipes

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