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Organic ginger

Fresh organic ginger is the root of the ginger plant. This characteristic branched root has a strong aroma. Fresh ginger has a beige to light brown skin, the structure can vary from rough to smooth. The fleshy inside has a light yellow colour.

Ginger has a strong flavour and is therefore known as a real flavour enhancer. Organic products can be identified by the Green European organic logo.

Out dedicated growers constantly strive towards a sustainable way of cultivating. They have made a conscious choice for organic farming, they use natural soil enrichment and pay special attention to nature and the environment. The European Union has the most evident principles of organic farming laid down in legislation, including strict measures in order to protect producers and consumers. Nature's pride organic EAT ME sweet ginger has been fully checked and as such it is officially organically certified.

The ideal teperature of Organic ginger

Storage advice

Organic ginger is refrigerated during transport and storage. The ideal temperature during transport is between 8 and 12 degrees Celsius. At home organic ginger is kept out of the fridge.
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Origin Nature's Pride Organic ginger

Organic ginger - ChinaChina

Packaging options

  • 2 kg box
  • 8x 150 g
Organic ginger
Organic ginger

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