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Raspberries are velvety soft red berries with a hollow centre. Raspberries are a cluster of small fruits which all have a small edible seed. The raspberry varieties can differ in size, firmness and taste. Nature´s Pride raspberries are deliciously sweet.

The ideal teperature of Raspberries

Storage advice

Raspberries are kept at 2 to 4 degrees Celsius in storage and during transport. At home the raspberries need to be kept in the fridge.

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Origin Nature's Pride Raspberries

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Growing and harvesting

Raspberry is a shrub from the rose family. Before growing, the
raspberry canes are potted in suitable pots. They will grow to
a height of 1.5 to 2 metres after approximately two months.
Next they are planted at their eventual plant distance or in the
greenhouse, and come into production. The fruits are harvested
when their colour becomes orange to light red. They are manually
harvested from the canes with the greatest care; because
raspberries are relatively fragile, they need to be handled as little as
possible. Harvested raspberries are packaged and cooled as quickly
as possible and transported to Nature's Pride within 24 hours. After
harvesting the plants are given time to rest in a cooler climate, to
be woken up again for a second harvest. The plants are replaced
after the second harvest, to guarantee continued quality.

Packaging options

Raspberries are usually sold in punnets (with lid) of 125 gram. 12 x on a tray.

Packaging options 1
Packaging options 2
Packaging options 3
Packaging options 4

Preparation tips & recipes

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