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  • Quality & Food safety

    Quality & Food safety

Fruit and vegetables are healthy. This is a welknown fact. Still there are concerns among consumers regarding food safety. Food safety is top priority at Nature's Pride. Our QA (Quality Assurance) department monitors all the processes from growing to distributing to the consumers. The QC (Quality Control) team checks every day, to make sure the quality of our fruit and vegetables meet the set requirements.


To be able to guarantee the food safety and tracebility of our products, Nature's Pride works according to the food safety regulations set by International Food Safety (IFS) and keeps to European and Dutch rules and regulations to guarantee our products are safe and healthy.

See our certifications.

Quality & Food safety
Quality & Food safety

Pre-harvest food safety

Nature's Pride only deals with growers who have a Global GAP certificate. This certificate gurantees that the growers follow the universally accepted 'Good Agricultural Practice'. This does't just concern food safety but it is also about decreasing the impact on the environment in regards to sustainability.

Food safety within Nature’s Pride

We test the products from our growers at random to ascertain if there are residues of crop protection agents present. If the result is not up to standard, suitable measures are taken.

After the produce arrives at Nature's Pride, every delivery gets a quality control. When the product has been approved by the QC team, it will be processed by Nature's Pride. We make sure that all our employees work hygenically at all our internal processes; we work according to the most stringent HACCP-norm (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

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