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Grown and ripened for an optimal flavour

Does the EAT ME sticker have a red arrow on it? This means that this particular fruit is perfectly ripe and ready to eat. EAT ME avocados and mangos are picked two weeks later than usual so the flavour intensifies when left growing on the tree. A modern ripening program and high quality control of our ripening masters in the Netherlands, ensure that all EAT ME mangos and avocados are checked one by one so they are perfectly ripe and ready to eat.

Assortment ready to eat
• Avocado
• Kiwi
• Mango
• Papaya

Grown and ripened  for an optimal flavour


It all starts by growing the most flavoursome fruit varieties. In a joint effort with our growers we did research for many years and finally selected the most suitable varieties.
The fruit doesn't get picked until it has developed enough flavour. A mango should have enough natural sugars to develop into a delicious sweet fruit. On average the EAT ME products get picked two weeks later than usual.

Once they arrive at Nature's Pride the fruit gets checked on quality and ripeness. After this check the ripening masters decide how they are going to subsequently ripen the fruit to get it perfectly ripe.

In special ripening rooms the climate of the country of origin is copied. The right temperature and humidity is set so the fruit feels at home and ripens naturally. The ripening masters check out the fruit at random to see if they are ripening and they decide if the temperature or the humidity needs to be adjusted. The temperature slowly rises the first couple of days so the fruit ripens gradually. When the fruit has reached the right ripeness, the temperature is turned down so the ripening process decreases. This slow process ensures that the fruit doesn't get a shock and as a result the fruit stays fresher for longer.

Before the fruit goes to the shops they are checked on quality and maturity one by one by a grading machine. With advanced technology the grading machine with LED lights sorts the fruit out on quality and ripeness and the fruit with lesser quality gets taken out and the unripe fruit goes back into the ripening rooms. Only the most flavoursome and eat ripe fruit get the purple EAT ME sticker with the red arrow and are found in the shops.

History - EAT ME I’M Ripe

History - EAT ME I’M Ripe

In 2005 Nature's Pride was the first company in Europe to market ready to eat mangos and avocados and in 2011 our mangos and avocados were given a prominent sticker with a red arrow. The ''ready to eat'' assortment has expanded in the meantime with papayas and kiwis. This way everyone can enjoy the tastiest fruit every day.
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