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In order to continue meeting the ever-growing demand for our products, long-term partnerships with our growers are extremely important. Our network of 300 dedicated growers across 70 countries guarantees that we can deliver products of consistently high quality each and every day.

Chain co-operation

We are strongly committed to good and efficient co-operation throughout the chain. We consider growers to be our indirect colleagues and together we constantly seek ways to improve quality. Everything revolves around the taste and experience of our products. That's why we start at the source. We select only the best, most flavourful varieties and we make 'picking agreements': we harvest our fruit and vegetables only when they've reached just the right stage of ripeness. Prior to harvesting, the products are checked to ensure that they meet our specifications.

Social Responsibility

We pay careful attention to ensuring that our growers offer working conditions, and we pay a fair price for the products. In addition, companies undergo an IMO social audit, so that all employees in the country of origin are assured of good working conditions. We also contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which our growers' employees live. We do this by working with our growers to set up local projects.


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