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Now also in Chile collective action for water

Now also in Chile collective action for water
Netherlands Enterprise Agency – Partners for Water Program
Supporting responsible water management in Aconcagua, Chile
Funded by
Nature's Pride Foundation and Partners for Water Program

Taking a collaborative approach

Following positive feedback in Peru, the Nature's Pride Foundation (NPF) has now also applied the Catchment Passport© methodology to engage international value chains in responsible water management in Chile.

The methodology was developed by water experts Good Stuff International with whom the Foundation has been working for several years. After Ica in Peru, activities have now started in the Chilean Aconcagua basin, where the Nature's Pride Foundation is working together with Partners for Water program, which is executed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, a branch of the Dutch government.

This activity is part of a broad collaboration between the Netherlands and Chile in the field of water. Besides the Dutch Embassy in Chile and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, a wide range of Chilean partners are participating in this project, including water authorities, environmental organizations, universities and farmers' organizations for small, medium and large farmers.

The Catchment Passport© methodology enables stakeholders in a catchment area to gain a good understanding of the current situation and identify opportunities to increase the resilience of the catchment.

Good Stuff International recently published a working paper in which it shares lessons and insights. The working paper summarizes how the projects initiated by the Nature's Pride Foundation in Peru and Chile are contributing to better water management on the ground.

The projects:

  • Make technical information accessible and manageable for all stakeholders
  • Involve stakeholders in developing a shared vision for the catchment
  • Create consensus and transparency among stakeholders about the current water situation
  • Identify opportunities to jointly increase the resilience of the catchment
  • Bring the international value chain to the table
  • Drive action through a 'roadmap' of concrete proposals
  • are ‘water stewardship in action’.

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