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Minister for Nature and Nitrogen Policy visiting Nature's Pride

On Monday 5 June, we welcomed Minister for Nature and Nitrogen, Christianne van der Wal at Nature's Pride. Together with representatives from Naturalis Biodiversity Center, WWF-Netherlands (World Wildlife Fund), Wageningen University & Research, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and two UN youth representatives, we engaged in a dialogue about the ecological footprint.

We kicked off with an introduction to what we as Nature's Pride stand and go for and how care for people and nature is embedded in our organisation. This was followed by a tour of our production and we ended the afternoon with a constructive round-table discussion, in which everyone managed to inspire each other from their strengths.

Minister van der Wal: "I am impressed by Nature's Pride. You are a beautiful company and a front-runner; the passion radiates from it! It was useful to exchange views on what is needed to reduce the ecological footprint of consumption. For a long time, we have asked too much of nature. We need to find a balance between nature and economy. Conversations like this help us do that."

We are happy to see that our intrinsic motivation for caring for nature and a healthy society has been recognised. This supports and encourages us to continue taking action collectively, step by step. Only by taking responsibility together can we make a difference for tomorrow's generation.