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The Israeli mango season has started

Green on the outside, sweet on the inside

The Israeli mango season has started. Mangoes from Israel have a deliciously sweet flavour and stand out for their appearance.

All Israeli varieties have good colouring. The Israeli Keitt stands out among them for its primarily green colour with an occasional small red blush. The relatively short transport time from Israel to Nature’s Pride means that the mangoes grow and ripen on the tree longer. Because of this, the mangoes contain a lot of natural sugars and taste deliciously sweet. To indicate this to consumers, each Keitt mango from Israel is labelled with a “sweet inside, green outside” sticker.

Aside from the main varieties, our Israeli growers also supply varieties grown only in Israel. These are available for a limited period of time. These varieties are the Lilly, Noa, Shelly and Kasturi/Omer, named after the children of the grower who developed them. The pride of the growers, cultivated with love and with delicious flavour.

The Brazilian mango season will also start soon and continue to the end of the year. Together with the Israeli season, which is available until the end of week 40, there is a great selection of delicious, sweet mangoes.

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