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Nature's Pride for wholesalers

With Natures Pride, you invest in the further growth of exotic segment. We supply to wholesalers, exporters, food service, catering, specialist greengrocers and online shops in Europe. Consumption of exotic fruits and vegetables is still on the rise. Nature's Pride is not only a total supplier, we are also known as a service-conscious supplier.

There is a reason why we are the pioneer par excellence in the exotic segment in Europe. We continue to reinforce this position every day with our innovative mentality. Nature's Pride supplies a wide range of exotic fruits and vegetables, every single one of them of high quality. We are well known as the 'inventors' of the Ready-to-Eat avocado and mango. You will find many more familiar and less well-known exotic fruit and vegetables in our range.

Collaborating with Nature's Pride

We are an attractive partner to work with for several reasons.

  • Exotic fruit and vegetables add value to every fresh produce assortment
  • Virtually our entire range is available year-round thanks to worldwide sourcing
  • We guarantee the quality of every product
  • Customers are our number 1 priority: we go far in our service
  • We are innovative, for example, with the introduction of Apeel to keep fruit fresh for longer
  • Nature's Pride is at the forefront of sustainability

Investing in good relations

We do our work with passion and drive. Not only for our special products, but also because we are proud to be allowed to work for every customer. Investing in good relations is self-evident at Nature's Pride. To us, it means listening to your needs and wishes. Actively supporting you in the field of marketing – both online and offline – to further expand the market share of exotics. With a partner like Nature's Pride, you are also the first to find out about trends and market developments.


Own premium brand

Well-known wholesalers and exporters are increasingly achieving commercial success with this approach. And so are chefs in the kitchen, fruit and vegetable specialty shops, or even the fast-growing online fruit suppliers sector. These customers already recognise Nature's Pride by the distinctive purple packaging and the EAT ME label on each product, our own premium brand.

This means that as a wholesaler or exporter, you can confidently add more and more exotic fruit and vegetables to your range. With a partner who unburdens you 100%: Nature's Pride.