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Figs are fruit with a thin leathery skin. Depending on the variety, the edible skin can be black, purple, green or yellow. Figs are pear shaped. The flesh of the fig contains many edible seeds and is lovely and sweet.The flesh can have different colours, it can be red, purple or green
The ideal teperature of Figs

Storage advice

Figs are kept between 2 C° to 5 C° during transport and storage. At home figs are best kept in the fridge.

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Brown Turkey non-powdered

Brown Turkey non-powdered

This fig variety is recognisable by its thin light green and purple skin. As the fruit ripens it will turn more purple. The flesh is soft and coloured pink to red.


This is one of the sweetest fig varieties in the world. The Bursa fig has a dark purple powder free skin and red to purple flesh with an intense sweetness.
Autumn Honey

Autumn Honey

This variety is very similar to the Brown Turkey fig. The Autumn Honey has a thin, brown yellowy powder free skin. As the fruit ripens it will turn more purple. The flesh is soft and coloured pink to red. The Autumn Honey is a hardy variety that survives even in somewhat colder temperatures.

Origin Nature's Pride Figs

Figs  - BrazilBrazil Figs  - IsraelIsrael Figs  - TurkeyTurkey

Growing and harvesting

The fig is a member of the ficus family and is a strong, vigorous
plant. The cultivated varieties are grown on wild rootstock and
pruned into the shape preferred by the grower. A fig tree comes
into production about two to three years after planting, and then
has a productive life span of many decades. It takes three months
for the blossom to develop into ripe fruits. The delicate fruits are
picked by hand and carefully placed in baskets. They are then
transported to the packing station to be graded for quality, ripeness
and size. Afterwards, the figs are packed are freighted to the

Packing possibilities

1, 2 kg loose in a box, or 4 in a package.

Preparation tips & recipes

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