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Mangosteen is a small, round, tropical fruit. The stiff, dark brown purply skin seems tough, but it is easily cut when the fruit is ripe. The inside of the mangosteen contains 4 to 7 small segments. You can remove these from the mangosteen. The flesh is white, soft juicy and sweet. There can be pips in some pieces. The pips and the skin of the mangosteen are not edible. The mangosteen from Nature's Pride are available in 'small' and 'super' sizes.
The ideal teperature of Mangosteen

Storage advice

Mangosteens are kept refrigerated in storage and during transport. The ideal temperature during transport is between 6 and 12 degrees Celsius. At home the mangosteen needs to be kept out of the fridge.
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Origin Nature's Pride Mangosteen

Mangosteen - ColombiaColombia Mangosteen - IndonesiaIndonesia Mangosteen - ThailandThailand Mangosteen - VietnamVietnam

Growing and harvesting

The mangosteen is a slow-growing tree with a closed, pyramidal crown and a dark-brown to black flaky bark. The branches of the mangosteen develop symmetrically: the branches stem from the axils of the leaves on the opposite side. The olive-green leaves are oval-shaped. The tree can grow as high as 25 metres and live for hundreds of years. It can take as long as seven to ten years after planting before the tree bears fruit. The fruit can be harvested when it begins to turn red. The harvest period lasts for about four to five months in a single stretch. The fruits are harvested by hand or with help from a ladder, depending on how high the fruit grows. Next, they are taken to the warehouse. In the warehouse, the mangosteens are washed, checked for quality and sorted according to size. After that, they are packed and transported to Nature's Pride.

Packaging options

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Preparation tips & recipes

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