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Young coconut

A young coconut is one which is not hairy or has turned dark brown yet. The EAT ME young coconut has been cut into a distinctive pointed cylinder shape. The coconut water from the young coconut is nice to drink and has a sweet and refreshing flavour. The flesh is soft and easy to scoop out. The flesh is also deliciously sweet.
The ideal teperature of Young coconut

Storage advice

A young coconut is kept refrigerated in storage and during transport. The ideal temperature during transport is between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius. At home the young coconut needs to be kept in the fridge
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Origin Nature's Pride Young coconut

Young coconut - ThailandThailand Young coconut - VietnamVietnam

Growing and harvesting

The first fruits can be harvested four years after planting a young coconut tree. A single tree can be harvested around 4 times a year, for 20 years. Young coconuts are harvested on days 20 and 21, because that's when the sugar content is optimal. Harvesting is done using a long stick with a hook and a knife. The bunches of coconuts are cut free using the knife, brought down on the hook, and then laid in a small waterway nearby in their bunches. These bunches are transported along the waterways in the plantation until they reach a truck; they then travel by truck to the packaging warehouse. Once at the warehouse, specialised staff sort the coconuts according to quality, cut them into cylinders and wrap them. The produce is then transported by boat to Nature's Pride. It is important to keep temperature changes to a minimum throughout the entire process in order to maintain an optimal cold chain.

Young coconut
Young coconut

Preparationtips & recipses

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