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Collective action for water in peru

IDH - The Sustainable Trade Initiative
Better water management in Ica, Peru
Funded by
Nature's Pride Foundation and IDH - The Sustainable Trade Initiative

Only together can we improve water management

The Nature's Pride Foundation is working with IDH - The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) on a methodology to actively engage international value chains in responsible water management in water stressed catchments.

Globally, water challenges are increasing. Often hundreds or even thousands of actors use water from the same source. Addressing water challenges requires cooperation between many parties. This is no easy task.

The Nature’s Pride Foundation and IDH are investigating whether the Catchment Passport© methodology from water experts Good Stuff International can help stimulate cooperation between all actors in the value chain.

Entire libraries have been written about the situation of some catchments with water stress. Amidst so much information, it is often difficult to get a clear understanding of the situation and identify actions that will benefit water management in that area. The Catchment Passport© makes this clear for all stakeholders. It is a technical document based on publicly available sources. The Catchment Passport© forms a starting point for stakeholders to develop a shared vision for responsible water management in the relevant catchment. Subsequently, a roadmap sets out the steps needed to realise this vision, and roles and responsibilities are allocated. This process takes time and dedication. However, experience shows that a shared vision for water management in a catchment area is the only way to achieve a common approach, in addition to the improvements that growers individually implement on their fields.

In 2020, this methodology was tested in Ica, Peru and the response from local stakeholders was positive. In 2021, the Nature’s Pride Foundation and IDH will further develop this methodology and share it with key actors in the European market with the aim of motivating parties in Peru and Europe to work together on good water management in Ica.

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Ica Catchment Passport