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Dutch chilli peppers are becoming available earlier every year thanks to continuity and cooperation

Nature's Pride has large quantities of Dutch chilli peppers available once again. By utilising advanced cultivation methods, maintaining continuity and fostering cooperation, Nature's Pride and its grower can achieve an early harvest, and offer a diverse selection of peppers right from the beginning of the season. “We’re expecting a good season. The quality is promising, and the increasing demand means there’s still a plenty of potential in chilli peppers,” says Bram Klapwijk, buyer at Nature's Pride.

Dutch Chilli Peppers in full production

“The first Dutch harvest left the greenhouses at the beginning of February this year. Due to the weather and a disappointing lack of sunlight, some fruits took longer to ripen, but production did increase week on week. We’re now experiencing full production, which is unique. In the last two years, there have been major shortages of Dutch chilli peppers early in the season, then peaks in the summer. This was partly due to the high energy costs. We’ve observed that through effective cultivation systems and solid cooperation with our growers, we’re able to provide a stable supply of high-quality products, even during the early season.”

Good quality year-round

“Our objective is high quality and continuity, and cooperation with growers who strive for the same goal. This allows us to move smoothly from one season to the next, and provide excellent quality all year round. In addition, we’re always looking for new varieties and continuously improving wherever possible. It’s all about getting better flavours, shapes and continuity. For example, we’ve discovered some varieties that need less light to grow well. That’s very encouraging.”

Spices up your dish

The Dutch chilli pepper range consists of cayenne peppers in every colour: jalapeno, red and yellow habanero, and padrone peppers. A wide range, with flavours ranging from mild to spicy. The demand for chilli peppers is increasing. “They really add flavour, they’re associated with multiple health benefits, and they’re gaining popularity as an ingredient. Given that all pepper varieties are continuously available, we see enough opportunities this year for everyone to enjoy chilli peppers.”