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Our growers

Partnerships with growers, that's where it starts

Everything we supply at Nature's Pride has one and the same origin: the grower. We have quite a few of them: 398, in almost every continent. And every grower is equally important, whether they grow our largest product, the avocado, or okra (an exotic bean). Because together, all these growers create the unique range that we offer, with more than 220 different products.

We have growers in 53 countries in total. 'Just' in the Netherlands, but also in locations far away. In combination with our multitude of products, this places considerable demands on an organization. First and foremost: discovering which growers are willing, and able, to meet our high standards. For a grower in South America, for example, who normally produces for the local market, cultivation for buyers in Europe can be a huge step. That is why 'sourcing', the search for suitable suppliers, is quite a challenge.

What we ask from our growers

As a growing company, it is important that the capacity of supply and demand stays balanced. That is why we are continuously working to expand the cultivation area. We need our growers to help us with this as true partners, because that is what we strive for. We are proud to be working with enterprising and innovative growers. In this cooperation, new initiatives often emerge.

These partnerships stand or fall with the drive of growers to continuously want to improve, just like us. The grower has to be willing to take the extra steps. Not only to continue to expand production, but also to improve taste, increase quality, guarantee delivery reliability and simplify logistics.

Growers who start working for Nature's Pride must also be able to produce in a market-oriented way. They need to keep their ears open and their eyes peeled, and be willing and able to develop alongside us. This means that we only do business with growers who want to be among the best in their field.

What we ask from our growers

Guidance with certification

In order to be the best and to be able to produce for the European market, we guide growers to the required level. Based on the GLOBALG.A.P. Certification, we go through all aspects that take a cultivation company to a higher level: food safety and traceability; environment; health, safety and the well-being of employees.

Food safety and traceability

Consumers must have the certainty that an exotic fruit or vegetable is safe to eat. That is why we know how all our growers produce. This includes the substances are used during cultivation, and how they manage quality. All this data is continuously registered, so that we can check at pallet level what happened to our exotics during cultivation, but also afterwards.


Responsible production is also an important theme. To our growers, looking for crop protection methods that do not harm the environment and leave no contamination on the products comes naturally. Growers also do everything they can to limit water consumption on the farm.

Health, safety and well-being of employees

Collaborating with entrepreneurs far away gives Nature's Pride opportunities to make a difference in working conditions. Growers who produce for us apply reasonable working hours and pay wages in line with the market. We do not tolerate child labour. We also make sure that growers allow their employees to work safely, without risk to their own health.

Why become a partner of Nature's Pride?

We are more than just a customer. And it also increases the 'profit' of growers. As a partner, we consider it self-evident to contribute to improvement plans. With our expertise, for example. Or even financially, if such plans exceed the financial capacity of individual entrepreneurs.

We are constantly working to take entrepreneurs further. We actively share our expertise on developments and trends in the purchasing and sales market: which patterns are visible in the season, do customer needs change over time? This allows us to optimise the range and cultivation planning together. And thanks to our customer base in both wholesale and retail, growers benefit from broader sales opportunities. As a result, collaboration with Nature's Pride provides added value on both sides.

Why would you become a partner?