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Quality control

Enjoying exotic fruits and vegetables is only possible if the quality is optimal. That is why we are very critical of this at Nature's Pride. Quality control starts on the field or in the greenhouse, during harvesting and packaging for transport to our premises in Maasdijk. There, all products are subjected to an intensive quality control program before they are found good enough to be sent to our customers.

Every single one of the approximately 4,000 containers that arrive annually is inspected. Our quality inspectors apply the criteria that are legally regulated for trading of fruit and vegetables in Europe, such as the temperature in the container, skin damage or damage caused by the cold or insects. Even during the often long transport to the Netherlands, an important criterion such as temperature can be monitored. The temperature is continuously registered along the way.

Extra attention for avocados

An important product like the avocado gets additional attention. Avocados are transported under a controlled atmosphere. Upon arrival, the quality inspectors therefore check both the CO2 and O2 (oxygen) content. With avocados, hardness and dry mass also play a role. Hard fruits are easier to ripen, and fruits with a low dry mass require more attention from our ripening masters.

Quality check - extra care for the avocado

Software for the inspection process

One logical check is whether what comes in, corresponds to what we have ordered and whether the specifications agreed with the supplier are correct. We immediately store all this information in QC One: specific software that supports the inspection process. Each quality inspector has access to a tablet with a barcode scanner to do so.

The contents of each pallet are known, as well as the variety and size it contains. This information is sent straight to our buyers, to give them a good overview of the stock. At the same time, this information also goes to the original supplier – we like to keep things transparent.

Quality check - Software inspection process

Discovering seasonal patterns

Because we have access to inspection information from years back, we can also discover seasonal patterns that help the quality controllers in their assessments. In this way, the inspectors know that fruit and vegetables can differ in quality between the beginning and the end of the harvesting season. We are also aware of disruptive factors, such as the weather conditions in the country of origin.


Daily inspections

Fruit and vegetables that are temporarily stored at our location in Maasdijk before they are sold, are inspected every day. In this way we know the condition of the stock from day to day. Our ripening masters are also involved in the quality process for the Ready-to-Eat range. They keep a close eye on our avocados, mangos, kiwis, papa's and plums before, during and after their stay in the cold stores. The last check takes place at the packing lines. Our packers receive clear instructions about the only state in which we want to sell our products: perfect.

Quality check Recognize seasonal patterns