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What we are good at Nature's Pride

The qualities of a specialist

Naturally, it all starts with sourcing the best quality fruits and vegetables. However, that is not the only thing that makes our exotics taste irresistible. Nature's Pride's added value is that we do more. We have several qualities in-house that will be difficult to find with other importers.

One example is how we extend shelf life with Apeel protection. Another is our revolutionary ripening process that ensures that tropical fruits are ready to eat. When it comes to quality control, we also apply standards that are unique in the sector. And did you know that we offer many options for adding your own accent to packaging?

Ripening program

Consumers who buy exotic fruit no longer have to guess at the right time to consume: that time is now. With a groundbreaking concept for ripening fruit in-house, we can supply many of our exotic fruits Ready-to-Eat.

With our 50 ripening cells, soon to be expanded to 95, we will be able to ripen even more fruit in-house. Fruit that can be eaten immediately offers great added value, and not only to consumers. It is also a unique selling point for the trade. It is not without reason that the introduction of ready-to-eat fruit has resulted in a remarkable increase in sales in the exotics segment.

Ripening Program


It is a revolutionary development: making fruit last longer thanks to the protection of Mother Nature. It is made from what's already present in fruit: peel, fruit pulp, and seeds. Apeel creates an additional layer around the product to prevent oxygen penetrating into the fruit and moisture escaping.

What makes Apeel unique is that it does not alter the smell or the taste of a product. Currently it is mainly avocados that are profiting from this revolutionary invention, but more fruits will soon follow. With Apeel, we are effectively contributing to reducing food waste in the world. After all, the longer a fruit is saleable and edible, the better.

Supply chain management

We source more than 220 types of fruit and vegetables from 53 countries. We have almost 400 suppliers in those countries. With numbers like these, it is plain to see that logistics at Nature's Pride are of a high level. Everything in our chain is aimed at efficient, food-safe and sustainable transport of fruit and vegetables to our company.

Truck twins

Quality control

Natural products such as fruit and vegetables require strict quality control. We certainly offer that at Nature's Pride. The first check happens at our production sites. During the product journey, we make every effort to maintain the condition of fruit and vegetables, often during a long sea voyage.

Once arrived at our premises in Maasdijk, experienced inspectors keep a close eye on the quality. This includes a check on the correct specifications. We use smart software to gain insight into all the historical data from quality control.

Packaging options

Packaging matters. It is good for shelf life, essential for protection and attractive for presentation. With the multitude of options on our packaging lines, we offer flexibility in the packaging process.

Our products find their way to the sales channel in the EAT ME packaging as standard. This is a recognizable packaging line that lends exclusive products such as exotics just a little more allure. If you opt for a packaging line that is more in line with your formula, adjusting the packaging is no problem at all.